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January  2017

For Colorado Women’s Project/Naked Womens’ Cyclnig Team

Tackling the challenges of Rest Days/Weeks: Rest & the Sh*t it Stirs up.

Date: January  2017
For Flatirons Running CO, Run group open to public

Moving Beyond Your Comfort Zone

February 2017

Katie Ingram Athletes: This Amazing Day

Tackling the Challenges of Rest days/Weeks: Rest and the Sh*t it Stirs Up

Date: February 2017
Flatirons Running Store Book club
Facilitator: Thinking Body/Dancing Mind


Past Speaking Events

March 2016
For: Triathletes coached by This Amazing Day- Katie Ingram Coaching
November, 2016
For: Cyclists coached by ALP Cycling/Alison Powers

Moving Beyond Your Comfort Zone

December 2016
For Colorado Women’s Project/Naked Womens Cycling Team
Moving Beyond Your Cycling Zone