Clinical Psychology

Clients visit me for a variety of concerns. While I specialize in sport psychology, I also work with clients undergoing life transitions such as new parents, newly divorced or remarried men and women, those caring for elderly parents, and individuals experiencing issues related to aging.

Sport Psychology from a professional athlete

I practice Clinical and Sport Psychotherapy in Boulder, CO. For the past 15 years, I've worked with professional and amateur athletes who seek to achieve their athletic goals as well as maintain a healthy and effective life both in and away from their sport. Part of my practice is teaching athletes specific mental techniques designed to optimize effective performance.

My numerous professional athlete clients are men and women specializing in triathlon, ultra-endurance running and cycling, cyclocross, mountain bike and road racing. Equally important, I help all levels of athletes as well as non-athletes cope with a wide variety of issues such as acute and chronic anxiety, fears, depression, mTBI, injuries, illness, loss, eating and mood disorders.

Between 2008 and 2010, I was the clinical sport psychotherapist for the Garmin-Slipstream men’s professional cycling team. More recently, I've been a consultant to Orica-Greenedge men’s cycling team staff. I've contributed services to Team Rio Grande, a local men’s development team.